Xeikon installs the CX300 digital printing system at Koehler Etiketten

Reducing production capacity gaps and ever-shorter delivery times were the main factors that prompted Rudolf Koehler Etiketten GmbH to invest in a Xeikon CX300 digital printing system. The system was installed in June 2022 to complement a Xeikon CX3, which has been delivering excellent results for six years.

“We have seen a significant need for expansion over the past three years, particularly during the pandemic when packaging industry supply chains were severed leading to increased demand for labels as an alternative medium,” said Michael Markus, Managing Director of Köhler Etiketten.

The existing Xeikon CX3 was operating at such intense levels that it was time to act. In addition, up to five other label production and finishing machines had to be used. Another decisive factor for the acquisition of another Xeikon digital press was the ever-shorter lead times demanded by customers.

“We urgently needed additional capacity to avoid having to change webs and substrates every day on a single Xeikon press,” said Markus.

Several factors contributed to make this press another Xeikon machine. First, operators are already familiar with the manufacturer’s dry toner technology. Second, the dry toner concept is perfectly suited for food labels, which are a mainstay of Koehler’s label business.

Last but not least, Markus points to Xeikon’s pricing structure as a deciding factor: “The absence of click charges allows us to decide for ourselves how consumables are used, which was a key factor in our decision to buy our first Xeikon press.

The Xeikon CX300 is a color printing system including opaque white in a single pass. It comes with food safe toner, reaches a maximum speed of 30m/min and produces a high quality image with a resolution of up to 1200dpi. Koehler Etiketten uses the press for jobs ranging from 300 to millions of units in a wide variety of formats.

This includes high-quality sleeves for shipping in the format 320 x 500 mm and personalized mini-labels with consecutive barcodes, for example. Koehler Etiketten chose VariOne, Xeikon’s AI-inspired software solution, allowing the company to print 100,000 or more labels with a different background in a single batch.

In addition to the white ink, which comes standard with the Xeikon CX300 press, Koehler was also impressed with the printing possibilities with metallic tones. As a result, silver was installed with the new press and is used for premium labels in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.


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