Working in Clark County: Jamie Young, Uptown Screen Printing


“Taking the plunge into opening my own business felt like a crazy decision at first, but it couldn’t be more rewarding,” Young said. “I connect more deeply with my local community now. I love being able to see people in town wearing shirts and hats that my team and I have personally decorated in our shop.

The upcoming fall and winter seasons have proven particularly busy, as local clubs and businesses flock to the store to stock up on specialty printed hats, beanies and sweatshirts to represent their respective designs and logos during the cold months.

While booming business can often be overwhelming, Young is grateful for the challenge.

“When you really love what you do, sometimes it can be hard to leave work at work,” Young said. “I think the hardest part of owning your own business is maintaining that balance between work and home. As a wife and mother, it’s so important to me to be able to stick to my working hours so that I can have that time to really focus on my family.

From initial brainstorming sessions, to rough prototypes and design mockups, to the finished product, Uptown Screen Printing works closely with its customers to create their product.

“The most important thing I want people to know about Uptown Screen Printing is that we really care about our customers and the fun creations we make for them,” Young said. “There may be bigger chains or online services that make similar products, but no one is going to give you the personalized experience that we can. Supporting small businesses is really important; the more we support each other, the more our local community can grow and prosper together.

For those interested in seeing their own custom designs made by Young and his team members at Uptown Screen Printing, more information can be found on his website at


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