What is the difference between digital printing and textile printing?


Refer to different

1. Digital printing: With the continuous development of computer technology, it is a high-tech product integrating machinery, computers and electronic information technology.

2. Clothing printing: It is a process of making clothes. Dye the fabric in one color and print the design on the fabric.

The principle of different


1. Digital printing: the pattern is input into the computer in digital form, edited and processed by the computer printing (CAD) color separation and plotting system, and then the controlled micro piezoelectric inkjet nozzle by the computer directly injects the special dyeing liquid. on the textile to form the desired pattern.

2. Garment printing: According to the sublimation characteristics of certain disperse dyes, the transfer paper printed with patterns and patterns is closely contacted with the fabric. Under the condition of controlling certain temperature, pressure and time, the dyes are transferred from the printing paper to the fabric and penetrate the fabric by diffusion to achieve the coloring purpose.

Different benefits


1. Digital printing: the dye solution is directly loaded into a special box and sprayed on the fabric as needed, which is neither waste nor pollution of waste water. It removes the dye solution discharged from the washing of the printing machine in the sizing room and causes no pollution in the printing process. The film is also omitted. Consumption of wire mesh, silver cylinder and other materials.

2. Clothing printing: the base color of the fabric is white or most of it is white, and the printing pattern looks lighter from the back than from the front.

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