Valve releases Steam Deck CAD files for 3D printing


Those who ordered Steam Decks will be pleased to hear that Valve has now made CAD files available for the handheld.

The designs and specs have been uploaded for free to GitHub, where you can access them via a Creative Commons license, and includes an STP model, an STL model, as well as drawings (DWG) for reference. Valve says it invites the community to create their own custom designs, share them with others, and 3D print them for use, but also warns that you’ll need some technical knowledge if you want to take the unit apart yourself. Steam Deck.

“We can’t wait to see what the community will create… As mentioned in our Take a look inside the Steam Deck video, you have every right to open your Steam Deck and do whatever you want with it,” the company noted. “That said, we strongly recommend that you leave this to the professionals. Any damage you cause will not be covered by your warranty – but more importantly, you could break your Steam Deck, or even injure yourself! Be careful and have fun.

The Steam Deck is set to arrive on February 25, and you can find out more on the device’s website.

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