Ungalli Clothing Co. of Thunder Bay, Superior Screen Printing Partners for Expansion


Two Thunder Bay businesses are teaming up to help revitalize an old theater on the city’s north side.

Ungalli Clothing Co. and Superior Screen Printing are partnering in the redevelopment of the former Cumberland Cinema building. The two companies plan to create an 8,000 square foot production, warehouse and retail space in the theater this summer.

“We had been talking at Superior Screen Printing for a few years about possibly trying to find a place to do some kind of co-production together,” said Hailey Hollinsworth, co-founder and director of Ungalli Clothing Co.

“Both of our businesses grew…rapidly and unexpectedly,” she said. “So we quickly had to find a place where we could kind of make the production more efficient. And this idea came up and it was absolutely perfect, so we went there.”

Hollinsworth said the two companies – which have already worked together for six years, but not under the same roof – will occupy about half of the old theater building.

“We were definitely imagining keeping the old movie vibes in there,” she said. “Obviously we’re going to have more room for our products, which we really need, as our product line is changing rapidly.”

“In our current store and on our online store, we have about 40 to 50 sellers, and we plan to take as many as we can into the space,” Hollinsworth said. “So being able to showcase more local sellers and give them a place to showcase their product in front of buyers.”

The new location will also include on-site screen printing, as well as shipping, warehouse and offices.

Hollinsworth said the companies plan to set up the new space this summer and open it to the public in early fall.


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