These San Antonio sisters share their silkscreen with the community

Photo by Josh Huskin

Manola and Maria Ramirez are artists in their own right, but the sisters have also found a niche by helping other female designers share their work with the San Antonians through screen printing.

“Artists who come to us want to make their work available to people at an affordable price,” says Manola, from Manola and Maria Engraving: Art: Design. “Reproducing their work through screen prints allows them to do just that.”

Unlike digital reproductions, screen prints are made by hand rather than a machine and allow original artwork to be reproduced for sale online and at local retailers like Feliz Modern. The Ramirez sisters grew up in San Antonio and share a love for painting and drawing. But it wasn’t until they both took a printmaking course at the University of Texas at Austin that they discovered a passion for screen printing.

After graduating with BFAs in studio art a semester apart, the two returned to San Antonio and began exhibiting in local markets.

They caught the eye of Kelly O’Connor, renowned collagist and Head of Collections and Communications at Ruby City, and they soon realized that screen printing could be more than a hobby or a side gig. “When Kelly asked us to recreate one of her iconic pieces, we realized it was something the artists wanted,” says Maria.

The women are now producing screen prints and pursuing their own work as part of the all-female collaborative space of Lavaca Studiosstriving to find a balance between creating for others and creating their own originals.

“We’ve found that many of the artists we work with are creating strong feminist art and they want to work with female printers,” Manola says, adding that their industry has traditionally been male-dominated.

Their own artistic styles are similar, and the sisters say their skills complement each other when it comes to managing their website, social media, screen printing and art. says Manola. “That’s what keeps our designs balanced, it’s the right amount of each.”

Manola and Maria will have greeting cards and other items available at the December 4 Christmas Night Market in Lavaca studios.


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