The advantages of 3D marketplaces –


3D model markets have continued to grow in popularity as more and more 3D models are designed to solve particular problems. These models solve problems in a wide range of industries, such as product development, games, films, art and many more…”. 3D printed parts can also be sold to the public, whether you print them or hire a service provider like JawsTec.

Finding the right 3D model can sometimes be difficult. It is important to be able to trust the site and the modeler. JawsTec now offers its marketplace of 3D models to all users and allows reviews and comments to better determine the quality of the project and the manufacturer.

Selling 3D printable models is a promising way to make a profit and provide people with products that cannot be found anywhere else. Although there are many options, few of them have adopted the possibilities of the 3D models of NFT.

A dedicated 3D model marketplace for the NFT space enables CAD sales, physical sales, and NFT ownership. Ease of purchase allows a modeler to reach a variety of customers in different niches. Some models may be exclusive NFTs, while others are convenient models for printing. This means that as a 3D modeler you don’t lock yourself into one type of sale or another and it also allows you to manage all of your sales in one easy to use online platform instead of following multiple working sites all differently. .

JawsTec’s 3D Model Marketplace is designed to be easy to use for sellers and customers.

The sale of NFTs and other 3D models could be used to secure funding even before a project has fully launched. Royalties from sold models are paid to the modeler, game developer, animator, or designer who releases them to the marketplace. It’s also a great marketing tool, as it can help build customer interest, trust, and word of mouth.

What is truly unique with NFTs purchased from JawsTec’s 3D Model Marketplace is that upon ordering, the design will be sent to our high quality 3D printers to be printed and shipped to the customer to be may have a physical model to accompany their digital NFT. . It could even serve as a proof of concept so they can use or sell the 3D model they purchased the rights to.

All models sold on the Jawstec 3D Model Marketplace will be reviewed by our team of experts to ensure that they can be printed. This basic level of quality control helps ensure customer trust and avoids easily missed mistakes that could shatter that trust.

Jawstec brings the same level of care and craftsmanship to small projects as we do to our work with industry leaders like Tesla, SpaceX and Apple. As the possibility of 3D models of NFT grows, we look forward to being a part of that development. Please register here as we prepare to launch.


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