TechNova offers 3D printing with Markforged partnership


Partnership with US company will add 3D printing technology to TechNova’s portfolio

TechNova Imaging Systems has announced an alliance with US-based Markforged, the creator of The Digital Forge – an industrial integrated metal and carbon fiber 3D printing platform.

Markforged offers an end-to-end 3D printing platform, with its 3D printers, cloud-based software, and wide range of proprietary, build-ready materials.

According to a press note shared with PrintWeekthe Markforged solution helps manufacturers solve problems at the point of need by bringing mini-factories right to the ground, transitioning to digital inventory.

“Companies around the world use Markforged’s The Digital Forge in industries such as aerospace, industrial automation, space exploration, military, defense and automotive to supply critical end-use parts on demand, when they need it,” he said.

The company believes its solutions will enable Indian manufacturers and designers to quickly bring strong composite and metal parts to market that are lighter than metal, easy to implement and use, backed by uncompromising service and support.

“There is now a real shift in the industry from prototyping to small-scale production. With Markforged’s Digital Forge, Indian manufacturers will have unprecedented access to both breakthrough technology and essential foundational infrastructure,” said CG Ramakrishnan, CEO of TechNova Imaging System. “This will allow them to produce strong, affordable parts in a range of exciting new materials while accelerating their time to market and reducing inventory costs, spare parts management and long lead times.”

Amit Khurana, COO of TechNova’s Digital and Offset Printing Solutions Business Group and Head of the TechNova-Markforged Alliance, said, “India is on the cusp of the Industrial 4.0 revolution. With over 2,50,000 manufacturing sites available in India, now is the time to move from subtractive to additive manufacturing.

“Markforged, with its affordable and easy-to-use product portfolio, and TechNova, with its market reach and five decades of presence in Indian manufacturing, will work together to transform the market and take the Indian printing industry 3D to the next level,” added Shelina Parikh, co-CEO of TechNova.

“We are thrilled to partner with TechNova Imaging System to provide Indian manufacturers with the essential tools to unlock their manufacturing potential and help build the factories of the future,” said Ved Narayan, President, APAC, Markforged, adding, “Our additive technology can solve critical manufacturing applications, and we look forward to spearheading improvement in the Indian manufacturing landscape.

“TechNova Imaging Systems has the experience, skills and ecosystem to help Markforged provide unprecedented levels of access and support to leading global manufacturing vendors,” Narayan concluded.


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