Students use 3D printing to design props for Hornets forward Oubre


In addition to their performance on the court, many NBA players pay close attention to their style and appearance before and after each game.

Hornets striker Kelly Oubre is stepping out in style and many young fans are taking notice.

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Charlotte seventh graders Jamil Wilson and Ani’yah Frasier study Oubre, which comes in high-end watches, shirts, pants and jackets.

There’s a good reason children study Oubre’s attire.

Some seventh-grade students at Governor’s Village STEM Academy, in partnership with the Hornets, Honeywell and the nonprofit Digibridge, worked for weeks on 3D designs that Oubre would wear.

“I would go early in the morning, around 7:30 a.m., then leave school around 6 a.m. because I had robotics, right after school,” Ani’yah told Channel 9.

“I had no idea schools could even do things like this,” Jamil said. “I was asked to do something that involves an NBA player and meeting him and all that. It was really crazy for me overall.

Their process was worthy of the pros.

Students began their preparation through interactive workshops focusing on the intersections of fashion, technology and science.

“Every time I had a break from school, I worked on it,” Ani’yah said.

The students then had a consultation with their client, Oubre.

“One thing about Kelly: he was telling us all the things we could do and personal things about him, so I just took all the personal stuff and put it together,” Ani’yah said.

“There was this filament. There was glitter,” Jamil said. “It was, like, shiny silver. He looked really cool. I really like that.”

Oubre loved them too.

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