Screen printing workshop at the Stained Glass Museum


Join artist and tutor James Cockerill for a fantastic glass screen printing workshop at the Stained Glass Museum and create your own beautiful piece to take home!

During your workshop, you will learn the techniques of screen printing on glass, using traditional glass paints and enamels to screen print and create beautiful, unique works of art.

In the morning you start by learning screen printing techniques. Using traditional glass paints and enamels, you will learn how to create layers on mouth-blown glass. Ink is spread across the screen using a squeegee, while a stencil blocks off certain areas of the glass, leaving others open for the ink to pass through. This creates your design image or pattern. You will learn how to build your design using different colors, which are limited to a maximum of four. Your glass is then fired to adhere the ink to the glass.

Access conditions
The museum is located on an upper level of medieval Grade I listed Ely Cathedral. Entrance to the museum is via a 40-step stone spiral staircase from the south-west transept of Ely Cathedral. The stairs are equipped with a handrail. Unfortunately, there is no elevator to access the museum.

Tickets, which include a full day of lessons plus all the tools and materials you’ll need on D-Day, cost £120 per person and must be pre-booked online.

Our workshops are extremely popular and places often sell out quickly, so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.


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