Repair a bike GPS with 3D printing


We love hacks that keep gadgets out of the trash, and [Brieuc du Maugouër] has us covered with this 3D printable replacement mount he designed for his bike GPS.

One of the most frustrating ways for a gadget to fail is when a small but critical part of the device fails. [du Maugouër] combined a 3D-printed back and four M2x6mm screws to create a sturdy new bracket to replace the broken OEM bracket on their handlebar-mounted GPS. Slots for mounting zip ties are included in case the replacement mount breaks before another replacement can be printed. Apparently [du Maugouër] agrees with Chief O’Brien that “in a crisis, I wouldn’t like to be caught without a second backup”. [Youtube]

It’s exciting that we’re finally in a time where 3D printed aftermarket parts live up to their potential. It would be much easier if more manufacturers released 3D printed design files instead of having them pulled from 3D file platforms, but manufacturers will find a way regardless of OEM approval.

We’ve covered plenty of bike hacks over the years, including DIY bike computers and GPS trackers. Do you have a project that prevents something from becoming waste or that could save the world in another way? There’s still time to participate in the Hackaday Prize Save the World Wildcard round (ends October 16).


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