Raising Capital: 3D Printing CEOs on Getting Funded Without Going Public – Part II – 3DPrint.com


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In the realm of 3D printing startups, finding the right investors, researching sources of capital, and generating demand for a product can make or break a company’s future. Additionally, CEOs spend countless hours trying to tap into private equity and venture capital pools. In turn, they are one of the best sources for understanding how to bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization by navigating the complex financial landscape known as private markets.

In the first article of our two-part series on raising capital without an IPO, the CEOs of three of the most successful startups in the 3D printing industry provided a roadmap, with insights into what what to avoid and where to capitalize along the way. In this segment, CEOs Matt Petros of 3DEO, Sonny Vu ​​of Arevo and Avi Reichental of Nexa3D are joined by aerospace engineer and co-founder of Relativity Space, Jordan Noone, to share their insights on finding smart money, when to start planning fundraisers for investors. , and more.

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