PCMC provides digital printing technology to IGT


“IGT’s patented Infinity Instants lottery games that are printed using PCMC’s ION technology revolutionize traditional instant ticket printing,” said Keith Cash, Vice President and General Manager of Instant Products and Services. of IGT. “With this innovation, instant ticket players will enjoy a new level of entertainment, including a full color gaming experience that brings games to life like never before. In addition, the personalization possibilities offered by digital printing make it possible to adapt the tickets to any segment of players or type of retailer. IGT chose to brand this product category as Infinity Instants because the possibilities offered by technology are limitless.

In just seven months, PCMC’s digital printing team – Eric Short, Fabio Girolami, George Safrany and Peter Kuschnitzky, along with Ben Klinter, who provided in-person start-up and operator training – delivered a complex high-speed ION inkjet system powered by Memjet’s DuraLink® technology, with a Xitron Navigator front end.

“PCMC’s ION inkjet print engine is built using DuraLink components,” said Kuschnitzky, PCMC’s digital print applications specialist. “We’ve designed a multiple-width, duplex print engine that prints at full speed, in color. Because IGT prints in variable data printing mode, no two tickets are exactly the same.

PCMC’s ION digital printing solution can transform traditional analog presses into hybrid digital printing platforms. To meet specific customer challenges, PCMC is able to customize the configuration of components and modules.


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