PaydayNow: T-Shirt Printing Machine Financing Options


If you’ve chosen to buy DigitalHeat FX systems, we can help you finance them.

But what if you don’t have enough cash now?

So, what?

First, you may apply for funding today. Fill out our one-page application by clicking the button below.

Our top 10 reasons for choosing our financing method.

Any discrepancy may be financed using the DigitalHeat FX mechanism. Compared to what else is available?

Could you use two or three credit cards to make the purchase? Even if one offers 0% interest for a short time, what if you need your credit card?

A single late payment might double Your Rate. That’s a contract with hazards.

So there’s that. But maybe you’ve heard others complain about it or something that occurred to them in the past.

Luckily, DigitalHeat FX Leasing and Vehicle Leasing are very different. Here are several advantages of DigitalHeat FX leasing over vehicle leasing.

First, unlike a car that seldom makes money, DigitalHeat FX Equipment may make much money. Your equipment may provide a lifetime of income for you and your family.

Your printer is your ticket to the American Dream of becoming your boss.

Our lease gives both flexibility and protection against technology obsolescence. It helps your organization better match cash flow to revenue. It saves you money on the Cost of Goods.

It’s quick, easy, and urgent loan assistance enables 100% financing. Not by my word alone. Any respectable t-shirt printing machine leasing supplier should have many pleased clients to recommend.

Of course, we can’t promise funding. You still need good credit, but you stand a higher chance of getting started with leasing if you try soon.

Ten Reasons to Lease DigitalHeat FX

1. Purchasing Power 

Leasing equipment helps you obtain more than alternative financing options, including higher-end equipment.

2. Better balance sheet management 

May enhance your entire financial picture. Free up working capital and bank credit lines to save operational money. Utilisez-les pour l’inventory, emergency

3. 100% Financing 

Equipment leasing frequently requires no down payment. You may also use your t-shirt printing machine to fund shipping, delivery, and other equipment or supplies. The lease period might also be matched to the equipment’s life.

4. Asset Management 

A lease allows you to utilize equipment for a predetermined time. It absorbs and handles equipment ownership risks. End-of-lease options include buying or discarding equipment. No mileage fees, etc.

5. Addition to Service 

Installation, maintenance, and other services may be added to your lease if required.

6. Tax Treatment 

You may deduct 100% of your lease payment as a business cost.

7. New Technology 

Leasing allows businesses to stay up with new technology. The lessee may upgrade or add equipment as needed.

8. Expertise 

Lessors are experts in capital equipment leasing and financing.

9. Flexibility

Flexible leasing solutions enable the lessee to tailor a program to meet demands such as cash flow, budget, transaction structure, cyclical changes.

10. Proven Option

 In the United States, almost 30% of all capital equipment is leased.


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