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Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast 3D printers, has expanded its dental 3D printing solutions, which will be on display at the upcoming LMT Lab Day in Chicago, IL, marking the company’s commitment to the dental space. Nexa3D offers next-generation productive digital solutions for labs and clinics with accurate, affordable dental resins and end-to-end workflow, with proven accuracy and reliability for increased productivity. The NXD 200 large format 3D printer, designed specifically for high throughput dental 3D printing applications, uses Nexa3D’s patented LSPc technology.

The NXD 200 offers the highest productivity, precision and performance in the dental market. With a large format build volume of 8.5L, the NXD 200 is capable of simultaneously creating dozens of high resolution dental molds and models at a lower cost per part. Patient-specific splints and other dental products from partner Keystone Industries come to life reliably, quickly and repeatedly, ensuring an accelerated return on investment. The NXD 200 comes with accelerated part printing capabilities, including fully integrated build configuration and print management software that can prepare part files for printing in half the time of with other solutions. The printer is also fully interoperable with all major digital dental workflows and providers. The NXD 200 is available immediately.

“It’s the definition of higher throughput,” said Benjamin Taylor, 3D printing engineer and lab manager at Keystone Industries, of the NXD 200. “If you use the printer all day, you examine over 200 splints in an eight-hour day, when most other dental printers would take much longer to reach this volume of parts.The XiP desktop 3D printer, the newest addition to the Nexa3D portfolio, offers ultra-fast print speeds and pixel-perfect precision in a small footprint.Dental labs, practices and clinics will find the ideal solution for dental 3D printing on the desktop.Easy handling of materials, user-friendly interface and an all-in-one post-processing setup allow dental users to access advanced features affordably and reliably. begin shipping in the second quarter of 2022.

Nexa3D will also be exhibiting dental-specific biocompatible resins from Keystone Industries, including KeyModel Ultra, KeySplint Soft, KeySplint Hard, KeyGuide and KeyTray. These validated and familiar materials enable fast, accurate, and repeatable 3D printing of aligners, dental models, surgical guides, custom trays, night guards, splints, and more. Nexa3D solutions use the reliable and user-friendly NexaX software and offer the possibility of full integration with Oqton software. Dental labs and aligner manufacturers can now access Oqton software to automate their entire workflow, from planning to tracking and tracing all actions throughout the dental manufacturing process, benefiting from higher throughput and lower costs without compromising print quality.

Finishing the parts with washing and hardening guarantees constant mechanical properties. For the NXD 200, Nexa3D xWash and xCure post-processing systems improve the productivity started with ultra-fast 3D printing. The xCure is capable of curing four build plates at once, curing more parts at once than comparable curing systems, and features dual wavelength for greater depth of cure with each cycle, as well than an LED lighting system. The XiP teams up with an all-in-one washing and curing system that is also sized for desktop use to finish parts in a small footprint.

“3D printing has made dental applications faster and more accurate than ever before,” said Jim Zarzour, dental solutions manager at Nexa3D. “Nexa3D’s technology takes this speed, repeatability and accuracy even further with the NXD 200’s ability to print up to one model per minute without sacrificing resolution. The XiP brings advanced functionality to the desktop, ready to supercharge small labs and clinics. Dental labs and manufacturers are seeing much higher productivity with Nexa3D’s reliable, user-friendly tools.

The Nexa3D team will shine a light on this end-to-end dental workflow at LMT Lab Day, taking place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago February 24-26.


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