New water-soluble 3D printing material offers an alternative to PVA


A water-soluble 3D printing medium was launched by Endless Material Solutions.

AquaSys General Purpose (GP) is compatible with most polyesters and is a direct replacement for polyvinyl alcohol. The material is said to exhibit exceptional performance and print fidelity with standard polylactic acid (PLA) building materials. The creators hope the hardware will mark a change in the industry as it saves time and money and is accessible to a wide range of users.

AquaSys GP is specifically designed for use in fused filament manufacturing (FFF) and direct pellet extrusion systems. The material dissolves 20% faster in tap water at room temperature compared to PVA.

AquaSys GP can be easily removed without any harsh chemicals and can be printed with a wide variety of machines including low cost dual extruder printers. The material can print in harsh humidity conditions thanks to its moisture attenuation properties and is compatible with PET, PETG, PLA and other common materials.

The company expects AquaSys GP to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from hobbyists to seasoned professionals. The material was first shown to the public at this year’s RAPID+TCT Additive Manufacturing Conference, with Jason Tzintzun, Director of Marketing and Operations for Source graphs present to test the beta version of the support material.

“We love AquaSys GP,” said Tzintzun. “As a 3D solution provider, it’s great to have AquaSys GP to recommend to our customers. We have a lot of customers using PLA and Tough PLA, and this is the perfect medium.

“We’ve listened to our customers for years and heard their frustrations with the drawbacks of PVA materials,” said Jeff Feddersen, Senior Director of Sales at Infinite. “We are happy to finally bring AquaSys GP to them. PLA comprises 70% of all construction materials used in the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) market, we truly believe this will change everything and become the standard by which all other support materials are judged.

AquaSys GP joins Infinite’s line of 3D printing materials including AquaSys 120 and AquaSys 180 water-soluble support filaments and Caverna PP, a polypropylene build material with a water-soluble co-continuous microporous morphology.

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