Maine screen printing duo create t-shirts in support of Ukraine


Barbara Lane and Kathy Tibbetts of Hot Colors Screen Printing and Design are selling T-shirts for $20 each to donate to the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

NORWAY, Maine — In 2022 — the age of electronics and social networkswatching a war like the one in Ukraine unfold seemed almost unfathomable. Photos and videos of people fleeing and suffering are on our screens in almost every app and browser. It has some people thousands of miles away in Maine asking what they can do to help.

Hot Colors Screen Printing and Design is located on route 26, near the border between Norway and Oxford. Barbara Lane from Peru has owned it since 2003 and has been screen printing for 35 years.

“It’s exciting,” Lane said, noting that his favorite part is coming up with the design of the shirts. “It’s fun work.”

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The wall at the entrance to the quaint workspace is decorated with colorful T-shirts printed with the names of various organizations (like local sports teams and theater groups) that have commissioned Lane over the years. years. Now she hopes to make an international impact, designing shirts that say Maine stands with Ukraine. They read: “…and Maine said to Ukraine: ‘We will pray for peace. “”

“It was really a spur of the moment,” Lane said, later adding, “When you see something on the news every night about Ukraine, you just want to do somethingand that’s how we should all live.”

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Lane said she learned the value of helping others from her parents, so she likes to give back now. She also said that she grew up during the Vietnam War and that the conflict in Ukraine brought back sad memories for her.

Tibbetts said she was not at all discouraged by Lane’s idea of ​​designing t-shirts.

“Well, I wasn’t surprised because she loves helping people,” Tibbetts said, adding that she was more than happy to help make this project happen.

“It feels good. It’s something I can [do to] help,” Tibbetts said. “With others, buy the shirts [is] something they can do.”

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With the help of his pastor, Robin Chaput, Lane found a charity to donate his profits to: the United Methodist Committee on Relief, or UMCOR. Chaput told NEWS CENTER Maine that 100% of money donated to UMCOR goes for the donor’s intended use.

“Even if it gives someone water or food or diapers or something, you know, it’ll be fine,” Lane said.

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On Monday, Lane posted online to let people know about this project. She said that in less than 24 hours, dozens of people had already placed orders. If you wish to do so, you can call 207-743-5052. The t-shirts are available in all sizes and cost $20 each. Fifteen dollars per shirt will go to UMCOR. Lane’s goal is to raise at least $2,000.


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