Machine Gun Kelly’s new product comes with an at-home screenprinting kit


Rapper Machine Gun Kelly ventured into the world of punk rock with his latest album, “Ticket to My Downfall.” While some people questioned his punk credibility, he’s at least giving fans the chance to DIY his merchandise by selling pants that come with an at-home screenprinting kit.

MGK has partnered with platform NTWRK and screen printing brand Individual Lab to sell the ‘Sold Out’ twill work pant with a kit featuring album graphics. Each kit comes with five air-drying inks, a squeegee, ink mixing sticks, an “eco-friendly ink cleaner”, a screen printing frame and instructions on how to do screen printing at home , according to strong thread.

It’s actually a good deal too. The kit does not cost much more than the pants alone. And it gives people the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind design on a limited edition.

You might recognize NTWRK as the app that also hosted an influencer-led shopping event for Chipotle’s makeup drop, which sold out in minutes. As brands, artists, and designers choose the limited edition drop style for their releases, especially during a pandemic where in-person events are rare, app drops like this have become commonplace.

Kitting has also been a huge trend during the pandemic. Companies are sending fans kits with everything they need to get home or create a gaming bar experience from their living room. Employers send welcome kits to new employees to make them feel instantly part of the team, or send small packages to existing employees to let them feel connected to the brand while working from home.

More than anything, this is just another example of a fun take on music merchandise. It took thinking about the artist and the album he’s promoting, acknowledging the punk-tinged aesthetic he’s pushing, and making it something memorable. It would be easy to just make T-shirts and call it a day.

And when fans create their own custom design, they’re more likely to stick with it. It’s something they can wear and proudly tell people they screen-printed it themselves.

If they have any ink left, they’ll probably even put those logos on their own t-shirts or bags, creating even more DIY branded merchandise to advertise Machine Gun Kelly’s album. Eh. It’s pretty punk rock after all.


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