Laxxon Medical’s 3D Screen Printing Technology for Structured Tablets Attracts Investment from Evonik


Evonik Venture Capital invested in a Nevada-based company that developed 3D screen printing technology for manufacturing structured tablets.

Structured tablets that Laxxon Medical is able to develop controlled release of active pharmaceutical ingredients over time, with multiple ingredients that can be combined into a single tablet. Laxxon Medical uses Evonik’s specialty polymers to ensure targeted delivery of active ingredients in the new tablets and has now also received investment from the polymer company.

Using Laxxon’s 3D screen printing technology, the internal structure of a pill can have alternating layers of active ingredients and inert layers, allowing multiple doses of the drug to be released over time. Multiple drugs could also be layered to combine multiple drugs into one. Another advantage of the technology, according to Laxxon, is speed which would make mass production more feasible.

Evonik has decades of experience in drug delivery systems, with particular expertise in the production of excipients, an inactive substance that serves as a vehicle for a drug. These polymers can be designed to serve as a coating for tablets which allow the reactive ingredient to be released immediately after being swallowed or over a period of time. Evonik says that by working with Laxxon, he will be able to accelerate his business in the drug delivery market, which he says is becoming more “high-precision and increasingly targeted to groups of specific patients”.

“This technology is great for patients. We expect fewer side effects from more controlled drug delivery and having fewer pills reduces the risk of missing doses during the day,” commented Bernhard Mohr, Head of Evonik Venture Capital. “We are happy to support innovation that brings real benefits to people and their health.

“Evonik is the ideal partner to support the development of tablets with unique release properties,” added Laxxon CEO Helmut Kerschbaumer. “We are pleased to have one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies with whom we can further develop our products and at the same time manufacture them commercially.”

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