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Folding shirts is a daily task, which most of us might consider trivial.

Yet Adam Sinz, founder and owner of Screen printing selection in Lancaster, made folding shirts a viral sensation.

After posting steadily since March, Screen Printing Select TikTok took off with a fascinating video of a machine quickly and neatly folding a t-shirt to the tune of “Eye of The Tiger” at the push of a button.

In just two weeks, the post received over 6 million views, over 170,000 likes and 35,000 followers.

Days after this post went viral, Sinz said he received at least 20 new print requests.

Sinz, 30, has come a long way since launching his own brand of action sports clothing at age 17. Using the services of a local print shop, he sold t-shirts from his school backpack and from a tent at the motocross races he competed in. Across the country.

When his printer closed, the Penn Manor High School graduate borrowed $ 10,000 from his parents and purchased screen printing equipment from a failed screen printer in the Poconos. Screen Printing Select specializes in screen printing and embroidery of clothing, trade signs and vehicle wraps for local and national businesses.

With five years of hard work and the new renown of TikTok, business is booming and Sinz is hiring. The screen printing business, which started from a 500 square foot garage in 2016, now occupies a 10,000 square foot location in the Lancaster Business Park in East Lampeter Township.

Sinz spoke with LNP | LancasterOnline on his growing business and the TikTok publication where reviewers wanted their own t-shirt folding machine.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why did you decide to start TikTok for the screen printing company you run?

Well I’m big on social media. I think this is definitely the way of the future for sales and ecommerce. A lot of physical businesses are suffering from e-commerce, so I think using social media is a way for small businesses to get seen on the internet. And I think it was important for us to start a TikTok business once that became a thing, and to continue to create great content, things that people wanted to watch.

And we have good success on Facebook and Instagram. They make it super easy now that you can just share your content across all of your platforms, so it’s not like it’s a ton of extra work, and TikTok is becoming extremely popular and has been. So jumping on the train was important to us too.

How do you decide what to presente in your videos?

People like to watch videos about how things work, especially the processes related to them. We all wear clothes, and we all have clothes that have graphics on it. And, therefore, seeing a T-shirt printed locally – or not locally – always attracts attention.

And then on top of that, the equipment needed to do this type of work, whether it’s more automated, also tends to get people interested, they just like the automated equipment to work.

(With packaging, as Sinz’s viral publication TikTok shows, the machine can fold 350 garments in one hour. Without packaging, the machine can individually fold 1,000 garments in two hours).

What was the reaction to your successr TikTok?

Adam Sinz said he was surprised by the number of “mean” comments he received on his viral TikTok.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe it.

I feel like I am a record for the employees of the store, as well as for my girlfriend. I felt like every few hours I was saying to someone, “Hey, what did I tell you about that video? And they’d say, “Oh, 400,000.” I would say, “Well now it’s 600,000”.

I felt like a broken record, I was like, if I’m boring just tell me, but it’s exciting and I have no idea how it goes.

What’s your response to comments that aren’t so nice?

It’s actually really funny because there have been so many comments, and a lot of other videos have seen a big increase in views as well, just because once people are on your page, they scroll down and start commenting.

There are definitely a lot of nasty comments, and I feel like that’s what celebrities and famous people in general have to deal with because I was scrolling, and I would respond to some people and some people. others who I was not worth my time. I really don’t care.

But it was quite funny. I didn’t know people were so mean. There was also a lot of good comments.

What’s the next step for your TikTok screen printing?

You absolutely have to ride the wave a bit when you get some notoriety and popularity. So my goal over the next few days is to keep posting more and more and hopefully that’s good content.

But I would say keep releasing the new gear that we get. Every week it seems like we get a new piece of gear, and it’s all automated and that’s just cool stuff. And that’s the kind of thing that I personally think people like a lot.

(For example, Sinz unpacked a Saati im screenaging and exposure unit with laser screen technology on TikTok. The famous machine on its viral TikTok is a product named Speedy-T produced by the Italian manufacturer Chiossi and Cavazzuti.)

So I think the next step is to keep posting great content, great videos and we’ll see what happens. I mean we had a peak of 11,000 subscribers in 24 hours, so we’ll see.


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