IGT Launches Instant Ticket Games with New Patented Digital Printing Technologies


International Gaming Technology (IGT) announced Thursday the introduction of its Infinity Instant gamescreated using several patented digital printing technologies to transform and improve the design and gameplay of Instant Tickets.

“Its printing techniques are unlike any other in the industry and produce games with High-definition, richly colored symbols and graphics on the front and back of a banknoteand with unparalleled stage variety and flexibility,” IGT described in an official statement. IGT transforms instant tickets with Infinity Instants games. The company’s patented digital printing technology can be fully customized to enhance the instant ticket reader experience with high resolution artwork and new playstyles.”

IGT Infinity Instants tickets are printed on a physical press but produced through a series of digital printing processes and technologiesallowing endless flexibility for the design, production and marketing of instant ticket games.

With Infinity Instants, the variable game symbols on Instant Tickets are generated in full color at the highest resolution known in the industry. The digital production process also allows each ticket in the pack to display unique artwork.

Transformative Infinity Instants tickets have so far launched in four lottery markets in the United States and have “demonstrated strong performance”.

Jay Gendron, COO of IGT, Global Lotterydeclared: “The technology behind Infinity Instants disrupts and revolutionizes traditional instant ticket printing and confirms IGT’s commitment to providing innovative, player-tested and growth-driving solutions for lotteries. Infinity Instants’ digital preparation process allows every element of the instant ticket to be fully personalized, creating endless possibilities. This high level of detail generates opportunities for lotteries to engage players through more engaging graphics and improved playstyles.”


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