Hawkins Screen Printing Creates “Mayfield Strong” Campaign


MAYFIELD, Ky. — “Mayfield Strong” and “Pray for Mayfield” t-shirts and signs have been placed in the town of Mayfield since Friday’s deadly tornado that killed 21 people in Graves County. Hawkins Screen Printing is responsible for delivering positive messages on T-shirts and signage.

What do you want to know

  • Hawkins Screen Printing was founded in 1993
  • Hawkins Screen Printing is owned by mother-son duo Robert, Wanda Hawkins
  • The Hawkins make “Mayfield Strong” and “Pray For Mayfield” t-shirts and signs
  • Hawkins shirts, placards are displayed on the Mayfield Courthouse memorial

“Mayfield Strong” has become synonymous with the town of 10,000 and the people behind it are Robert Hawkins and his mother Wanda Hawkins.

Robert Hawkins, owner of Hawkins Screen Printing, lays finished t-shirts on a drying machine. (Spectrum News 1/Diamond Palmer)

The mother-son duo have been serving the Mayfield community since 1993. Their “Mayfield Strong” and “Pray for Mayfield” t-shirt and placard campaign aims to donate a portion of sales to relief efforts against tornadoes in Mayfield. Robert Hawkins’ passion is making t-shirts for his community and especially when a good cause is involved.

“The need for the T-shirt was just something to keep everyone focused on who they were before but who they are,” Hawkins said.

T-shirts and yard signs made by Hawkins Screen Printing are selling out faster than he can make them. The two spent late nights in their design studio to give everyone a shirt and a yard sign that wants one. A percentage of all their t-shirt sales will go to Mayfield Tornado Relief.

“You can’t get bread this fresh, they’re ready to wear when they come out of the dryer,” Hawkins said.

Making the t-shirts and garden signs is a tedious task that requires skill and patience, Robert is able to do it with his mother as business partner Wanda.

“And it’s wonderful to work with him. Sometimes we get a little shy but we just tell ourselves what we think and we continue. The only thing is he’s not organized and what I have to do is follow him around like a nurse to make sure he has all his tools. I make sure he has it so he can go straight to work,” Wanda Hawkins said.

Robert Hawkins, owner of Hawkins Screen Printing smiles with finished t-shirts. (Spectrum News 1/Diamond Palmer)

Each of Robert’s tools play a part in the “Mayfield Strong” folders and panels. Everything from different paint supplies to mechanical machines that hold t-shirts and signs together before getting the designs. All of this is important and necessary for the impact Robert wants to have on his community of Mayfield.

“It’s a community in its own right, it’s more like one big family than 10,000 people living here in Mayfield. I’m not a negative person, so I’m already looking forward to seeing what Mayfield will become. We are one big community, everyone is for each other and we are one,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins Screen Printing also offers delivery across the United States if you can’t pick up a shirt or sign in store. If you would like to support the relief effort by ordering a sign or t-shirt, you can call 270-247-9332 or email.


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