Georgian screen printing supplier Kolor Matrix adds uniquely designed Teflon covers to its collection


ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, September 26, 2022 / — Kolor Matrix, an Atlanta, Georgia-based screen printing supplier, adds the unique design of “Heat Transfer Press Teflon Covers” to its collection of products and equipment to help users enhance screen printing experiences.

Kolor Matrix, an Atlanta, Georgia-based screen printing supplier, adds a great product to their collection, the “Heat Transfer Press Teflon Cover” designed to protect garments and the top platen from stains, inks, adhesives and scratches. It is also durable, non-sticky and can reduce heat press wear.

Teflon sheet for heat transfer press is excellent for many heat transfer projects. It comes with a non-sticky fabric that can protect vinyl, clothes and iron when ironing or pressing HTV. The sheet or cover is perfect for ironing on transfers onto t-shirts and can be used over and over. The life of a cover sheet depends on how often the user uses it and if it is stored and maintained properly.

A little about how Teflon sheet works; the teflon sheet acts as an insulator and prevents excessive heat transfer through the teflon to the garment. It is a multifunctional necessity when using sublimation or heat transfers, and its primary use is protection when transferring an opaque heat transfer image onto a dark garment. When placed between the image and the platen, the sheet prevents ink from the transfer from ending up on the heat press. Teflon covers offered by Kolor Matrix are available in at least two sizes: 15X15 and 16X20. They are also designed to maintain heat transfer perfectly, protecting the spread of stains and inks and preventing scratches.

Kolor Matrix also offers other name brand printing supplies and equipment to improve customer services and increase satisfaction. Customers can find heat transfer vinyl, screen printing frames, digital printing equipment parts, films to create positives, hand press, heat transfer press, various inks, etc. It also provides several printing services, ranging from custom vinyl printing and cutting, film release service, photo screen service, and more.

“Kolor Matrix understands your screen printing needs. As a result, we bring you various printing supplies, equipment and services. We are your one-stop-shop for printing needs. As a company, we aim to increasingly improve more and improve customers’ satisfaction by providing excellent printing products that meet every customer’s needs,” the company representative said.

About Kolor Matrix: Kolor Matrix is ​​an Atlanta, GA-based screen printing supplier that offers various printing supplies and equipment from well-known brands. Customers are looking for heat transfer vinyl suppliers can also consult Kolor Matrix.

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