Fibtip develops ceramic coated nozzles for 3D printing


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TRD Surfaces, a Danish startup spun off from the Technical University of Denmark, presents fibtip, a newly developed 3D printing nozzle, for filament extrusion 3D printers.

The company specializes in tempering steel with our unique surface technology, which was originally developed at the university. The same ceramic coating surface technology used on fitbit has also been successfully used in MAN ES large diesel engines and industrial grade water nozzles.

Fibtip develops ceramic coated nozzles for 3D printingThe company came up with the idea of ​​applying their surface to 3D printing nozzles, which proved that this surface treatment had much more to offer. Earlier applications only took advantage of the extreme durability of the surface.

“We thought, ‘fine, this should work well when printing in abrasive filament’, however, we had our doubts that the bulk material was tool steel. Due to tool steel not having a thermal conductivity that can compete with brass or tungsten carbide,” fibtip production manager Alexander Hejgaard Andersen said. However, when we tested our nozzle and compared it to brass or tungsten nozzles, we saw a drop in thermal conductivity, rather an increase. We later discovered this was because our surface, which is made of chromium carbide, has a thermal conductivity that is twice the amount of brass and even better than tungsten carbide. Even though the layer is so thin, it will still contribute a lot to the heat transfer of the nozzle. »

Another surprise came after a failed print with melted plastic covering the entire hot end. Usually this will entail a lengthy cleaning procedure, but in this case the plastic came off right away. After further testing, the fibtip team found that the chromium carbide surface has a unique non-stick property that makes nozzle cleaning much easier and keeps nozzle buildup to a minimum. Even the inside of the nozzle is coated and thus has this non-stick property reducing the risk of clogging.

With the fibtip nozzle, users get:

  1. Extreme durability with every filament (we even have a lifetime warranty on every nozzle)
  2. Non-stick surface reduces nozzle buildup, cleanup effort and risk of clogging
  3. And extraordinary thermal conductivity giving excellent heat transfer between nozzle and filament.


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