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BERGIN is delighted to present the latest packaging solutions that have been proven not only to enhance our customers’ brand image, but also to increase their sales. With our longstanding expertise, we are known for pushing the design boundaries encountered with traditional labeling.

Specializing in multi-color screen printing (ACL) with tight registration, including bottle neck, shoulder and 360° design surface decoration, we share our expert advice on many screen printing capabilities that can benefit your product. We also offer intricate artisan-quality hand-engraved and hand-painted reproductions of wine labels, which you can see in action at our booth (#450). Stop by and see how we build on-shelf trust with screen printing and engraving!

Bergin Serigraphy and Engraving
WIN exhibition stand: 450

Located in Napa Valley, BEGIN has been offering intricate direct screen printing and artisan quality etching and painting since 1989.

Pioneers in the field of hand-engraved and hand-painted wine bottles, we were the first to combine top designers, state-of-the-art production and a team of experienced artisans to consistently produce a quality product.

We have proudly served the wine industry as a bottle decorator for over 30 years and have since expanded our innovative labeling solutions to include beer, spirits and specialty food packaging.

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