DuPont Artistri inks benefit from digital printing for packaging

DuPont Artistri inks – bringing global benefits to digital printing for packaging.

With a long history in technology and innovation, DuPont is the maker and innovator of digital printing inks. Artistri’s portfolio of inkjet inks are printed worldwide in a variety of customer segments and applications ranging from textile printing (apparel, home furnishings, outdoor signage), commercial printing and packaging (like books, corrugated cardboard and now packaging film) and, where the wallet began, in home and office printers.

“The attractiveness of digital printing over analogue printing (offset, gravure and flexography) is growing year on year, with inks playing a strategic role in this process. Today, digital printing offers unique benefits to brands and end consumers with personalization, personalization and, for converters with short print runs (normally unachievable at lower cost with other printing processes), design flexibility, color brilliance and doing it sustainably,” says Bernd Daiber. , world leader in commercial inks, DuPont Artistri.

Bernd explains that DuPont has recently committed to integrating the benefits of digital printing into packaging printing. With over 45 years of experience in packaging with Cyrel solutions, DuPont supports its labels and tags, corrugated board and flexible packaging customers in their transition from analog to digital printing. Above all, DuPont is committed to developing digital ink solutions to contribute to the sustainable growth of packaging, including a full line of food-grade ink products for the various customer segments in the packaging industry. ‘packaging.

“Flexible packaging needs to deliver more short-term orders with increasingly shorter production times, which makes combining digital printing with traditional systems an attractive solution,” adds Bernd. According to Bernd, bringing digital inkjet to this customer segment is not without major challenges. Converters are looking for high-speed solutions on a wide range of substrates (PE, PET, OPP and others) with the proper cure rate critical to print quality and durability. In addition, direct and reverse printing considerations, the use of white ink, the application of vastly different finishing methods (lamination, cold sealing and other methods) and priming considerations, all are taken into account. counts in the challenges of a water-based inkjet. Solution.

DuPont’s belief is that by combining its experience in printing technologies (inks, dispersions, polymers, primers) with that of other players in the value chain, solutions will be developed and that the digital transition in flexible packaging will will intensify in the years to come.

Durability is a “must”

Another dimension that water-based inkjet inks bring to packaging printing is durability. Consumers, as well as brand owners and retailers, are sensitive to the environmental impact of packaging. Brand owners and printers are focused on reducing the environmental footprint and improving the sustainability of their packaging solutions while maintaining a high level of print quality and print consistency. Aqueous pigment inks, such as the Artistri ink product line, help provide a key element in meeting the demand for sustainability in digital printing.

DuPont’s relationships throughout the value chain help meet current and future customer demands and enable the application of product and process features developed from more than 30 years of inkjet development. “We understand that success depends on the ability to work collaboratively across printing, including printing press manufacturers, drying technology manufacturers (hot air, IR, NIR), substrate producers, suppliers printhead suppliers and suppliers of pigments and chemicals,” Bernd points out.

DuPont Artistri inks are widely used in textiles (home textiles, apparel and apparel) today with a product line that includes both roll-to-roll and direct-to-garment (DTG) pigment inks. Aqueous textile pigment inks provide customer benefits in terms of economy (no post-processing capital and investment/cost, reduced time to market), application (can be applied to all fabrics and has better UV resistance than dye-based ink), and lower environmental impact (little or no water use, reduced energy consumption and low chemical footprint).

DuPont is convinced that by working in collaboration with the various players in the packaging value chain, inkjet solutions for packaging will bring great benefits, from the consumer to the entire value chain, delivering brilliant, long-lasting color and a lasting solution to the toughest printing challenges.

DuPont Electronics & Industrial is a global supplier of new technologies and performance materials to the semiconductor, printed circuit board, display, digital and flexographic printing, healthcare, aerospace, industry and transport. From state-of-the-art technology centers around the world, teams of talented researchers and application experts work closely with customers, delivering technical solutions, products and services to enable next-generation technologies.

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