Arkema launches new materials for polymer AM at AMUG 2022

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At the upcoming AMUG conference, Belgian materials company Arkema will unveil several new products and strategic partnerships with key players in the value chain to take advantage of the unique characteristics of additive manufacturing, namely the freedom to design and customization, speed of implementation and reduction in the use of raw materials.

Arkema’s N3xtDimension liquid resins for UV curable 3D printing include formulations, engineered resins for targeted performance, and performance components and additives. At AMUG, Arkema will showcase five new high performance custom formulations for UV curing:

  • N3D-TOUGH784: High strength resin with excellent tensile strength and flexibility
  • HT424: High resistance and high temperature resin
  • HT511: High temperature resistant resin
  • DMT-303: Performance resin designed to print precise dental models
  • IC163: Casting resin for printing high resolution, highly detailed parts that burn cleanly

A new elastomeric engineering resin PRO22802 will also be introduced, offering a balance between elongation at break and tear resistance, leading to superior mechanical properties.

In the Powder Bed Fusion segment, Arkema will present its latest development, the SLS PEBAX powder. This partially bio-based thermoplastic elastomer specially designed for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) retains the exceptional combination of strength and elasticity that has made PEBAX resins famous in many industries, including sports, medical and industrial applications.

In filament extrusion, with Kimya, Arkema now offers PEKK-SC filament, made from Kepstan PEKK. This semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer provides high levels of heat and chemical resistance for the most demanding applications in oil and gas, aerospace and metal replacement across industries.

The company also highlights recently formed strategic partnerships. In November 2021, Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS company and a leading materials developer for industrial 3D printing, launched the industry’s first line of certified carbon neutral polymer materials, manufactured with Arkema’s Advanced bio-circular Polyamide 11 material, optimized for high performance. The use of these sustainable polymer materials produced by Arkema is a further step in EOS’ commitment to responsible manufacturing and sustainability and in Arkema’s commitment as a world leader in bio-circular materials. .

In March 2022, Arkema’s partner, BCN3D Technologies, Inc., unveiled its new Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM) resin-based 3D printing technology, with the ability to process resins 50 times more viscous than standard Of the industry. Under a joint development agreement, Arkema is working with BCN3D to co-develop new materials that meet application requirements by leveraging the unique benefits of VLM technology. The partnership will open more opportunities to scale mass manufacturing and production of functional parts.

Technical presentations: During AMUG, Steve Serpe, Market Director, will present “ABC (advanced biocircular materials) for sustainable production” on Monday April 4 at 4:30 p.m. in the Joliet room (3rd floor). Join him to find out how top brands are using the latest materials and processes to meet growing consumer demand for sustainability.

Amelia Davenport, Principal Engineer, will also present “High Temperature, UV-Curable Additive Manufacturing Materials” on Monday, April 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Joliet Room (3rd floor). Join her to learn about the best formulation and post-cure procedures to achieve high heat resistance in radical or hybrid systems.


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