Anisoprint partners with Jacobs University Bremen to establish an on-campus 3D printing ecosystem


The Luxembourg hardware start-up Anisoprint and Jacobs University of Bremen have partnered under a signed agreement to foster continuous fiber 3D printing research, education and technology transfer on the University of Bremen campus.

Together with the university, Anisoprint will establish a research environment centered around the brand’s proprietary Continuous Fiber Coextrusion (CFC) technology at the campus in Bremen, Germany. Founded in 2001, Jacobs University is a private, English-language campus university and part of the Schauffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) global ecosystem.

Anisoprint’s mission includes creating meaningful connections with universities by providing state-of-the-art research infrastructure. Anisoprint’s research and development team will relocate to Bremen and set up a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment on the campus of Jacobs University.

The R&D team will not only work on the development of new materials, the improvement of design processes and methods, but will also contribute to the educational activities and technological training of students, both from Jacobs University and from SIT. . Anisoprint aims to provide new career opportunities to students through different thesis projects and internships.

The collaboration will facilitate cross-learning, knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices across multiple research areas. Jacobs University and SIT students will have the opportunity to explore educational resources, participate in training programs, and experience state-of-the-art 3D printing technology through lab access.

“This agreement marks the start of a long-term collaboration in research, teaching and knowledge transfer in a highly innovative and disruptive technological environment,” said Fabio Pammoli, President of Jacobs University.

Pammoli continued, “This is an important step on Jacobs University’s path to becoming one of the top 15 young universities in the world by focusing on key areas such as data science for business, computing and quantum technologies, advanced materials and modeling of complex systems. In addition to the educational benefits, it brings great value to the entire economic area of ​​Bremen. »

Fedor Antonov, CEO of Anisoprint, commented on the deal saying, “Our goal has always been to bring cutting-edge research to market. The city of Bremen is a world famous hotspot for aerospace and polymer science. We are in the right place at the right time. Being part of Jacobs University’s excellent research ecosystem will catalyze our future research activities.

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