3D printing offers a ‘reason to learn from mistakes’ April One Class At A Time winner


The winner of April’s One Class At A Time award is Adrian Amparo of Desert Ridge Academy in Indio.

One of the courses he teaches is 3D printing and his enthusiasm for the skill is what led him to be nominated for the award.

Amparo accepted the award with joy and his students filled their class with applause.

“I’m really happy for him. I’m really happy that he’s using this money for his class,” said 7th grader Elijah Cambron.

Cambron is one of the students who said he learned a lot from Amparo’s 3D printing course.

Mr. Amaparo said he wants to increase the number of 3D printer booths on his campus and others in the Coachella Valley.

“I try to involve as many teachers as possible in different schools. I thought if I could have more printers in the classroom, we could have more classes available to them,” Amparo explained.

Mr. Amparo said he teaches students not only to print toys, but also to create practical solutions to problems they may face.

He shared an anecdote about one of his students who created a part for his glasses after they broke, and explained how the student’s 3D printing ability saved the day.

It is this approach to education that drives Amparo students to grow and become good at something they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do.

“All the things I’ve done – it’s thanks to Amapro because I don’t have the funds at home to do this stuff,” said 7th grader Ivan Marchu.

The $500 prize, made possible by the Walter Clark Legal Group, will allow Mr. Amparo to purchase more printers.

“The more we get, the less children have to wait,” Amparo said. “Any teacher who wants to get into 3D printing, give it a try. It’s fun and the kids have fun. It’s always a reason to keep trying and learn from our mistakes,” he said. -he adds.

If you know a deserving teacher you would like to nominate, or if you are an educator and would like to nominate yourself, be sure to do so here: https://kesq.com/one-class-at-a-time/ #//

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